jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

YOU MAKE ME WANNA DIE. Para Miriam, mi Echelon sister queridisima.


You make me feel like a bad girl, 
you're poisonous,
bad boy .
When you touch me I can't breathe,
and I feel like in hell.
But I need you to survive,
but I know, you make me wanna die,
you make me wanna runaway.
Lost in a daydream,
lost in heaven...
Fly away...
Let me runaway...
You're my drug, 
I need a shoot of  your love
but you aren't here...
My addiction,
you soak up all my energy...
You make me wanna die,
like a vampire into the night,
I feel safe in your arms.
You make me wanna die, 
you make wanna die...
Give me one of your poisonous kisses 
and make me die in your arms.

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